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My law office assisted a client in obtaining a seventy five thousand dollar ($75,000.00) settlement in a premises liability case!

Business and Corporate Law:
The firm was able to serve one of my longstanding business clients by providing legal advice on trademark and copyright law. We also served this business by preparing and filing a trademark application at the United States Patent and Trademark office.
The firm has been hired as general counsel for Hoskins & Associates LLC, a lobbying firm located in Austin, Texas.

Criminal Defense:

My firm was contacted by an individual who was falsely accused of stealing from his employer. We have already begun our representation of our client to ensure justice is done!

Employment Discrimination Law:

My firm has been retained by an individual to pursue a claim of employment discrimination against a major corporation! We are in the process of ensuring our client receives fair treatment required under the law. We will not stop working until we secure appropriate justice and hopefully ensure this corporation stops their process of discriminating on the basis of skin color!

Family Law:

Just a few days following the revising of my firm’s family law webpage, we signed up two new family law clients and will start representation to serve their legal needs immediately. We will work to ensure our clients and their families are treated properly by the family courts.
You can view my new family law page at:

Insurance Law:

The firm recently signed up a client to assist with another “bad faith” insurance claim on a life insurance policy that was improperly denied! It is truly a blessing to be able to assist individuals who properly pay for coverage but are then wrongly denied coverage at the moment they need it most!

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